Data intelligence and medical algorithm for Health Insurance Companies and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Thummi was founded by doctors who have a large experience in Oncology and have conducted several studies on the field. The aim is to offer the best and most complete platform to help patients during their cancer treatment.

Health Insurance Companies

Using Thummi reduces costs for health insurance companies.

Thummi uses a medical algorithm that helps patient understand whether they need to go to a hospital or an emergency. It makes patients feel safer so that they do not go to the hospital unless they really need it.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Thummi is also an ally of Pharmaceutical Industry

Remote monitoring during cancer treatment enhances clinical results and medication adherence. The plataform uses data intelligence and provides pharmaceutical industries with important information, such as patient's needs and side effects of medicines.

Participate in the process of cancer treatment to increase patients' well-being.

Remote monitoring patients during cancer treatment not only makes them feel better during the process, but also helps medical field as a whole. Request a demo so we can show you how the platform can improve Health Insurance Companies and Pharmaceutical Industry.

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