Access to patient information in real time

Thummi offers clinics, hospitals and doctors a practical way to monitor and follow their patients' cancer treatment; improve the way they check information; optimize the time of the appointments; anticipate patients' needs; and help in every step of the process.

For clinics, hospitals and doctors

Thummi was founded by a medical team that has a large experience in cancer field and it is based on international studies.

Medical Algorithm

Technology developed to bring more assertiveness and accuracy to cancer treatment.

Monitoring patient journey

The platform allows clinics to monitor their patients who use Thummi app.

Tempo Real

You can view patients' information in real time.


Anticipate actions of the patients and reduces unncessary callings.

How Thummi can help

Medical technology to improve relationship between doctors and patients


Generate graphs and reports about patients to attach to their medical records.


The process of clinic and hospital accreditation can be simpler.

Patient data and information

Register data of monitoring in real time.

Patients monitoring

Medical team monitors the patients in a real time dashboard

When selecting a patient in the platform, it is possible to see their information and diary

Medical appointments are registered in the platform and they appear on the dashboard

Register patients for monitoring

Registering patients for monitoring is a very simple process. The patient authorizes the clinic to access their data and information through a TOKEN or QR Code.

Patient accesses Thummi app

They select who can see their information

They click on "access code"

They show their smartphones and tells the medical team the code

Done! The patient is associated with your clinic or hospital


Better process of accreditation

The process of clinic and hospital accreditation can be simpler.

Getting to know the patient

Clinics and hospitals can understand more about patients using real data of their routines.

Less risks of compliance

Risks of compliance can be reduced, because it differentiates information provided by patients from information provided by clinic and hospital members.

Visualization and action

It is possible to visualize in real time what patients are registering symptoms or feelings.

Preventive actions

Clinics and hospitals may act in a preventive way, reducing operational costs and risks to the patient.


More producitivty in medical appointments.

Risk reduction

Since clinics and hospitals have more information, making decisions are less risky.


Our purpose is to make our patients' lives better.

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