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Remote monitoring app during cancer treatment. All information you need in your hands.

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Easy to use

Thummi is very intuitive and it can be easily accessed and used by everyone.

Remote monitoring during cancer treatment

You can count on Thummi to follow your every day routine, monitor your symptoms, report your feelings and more. Wherever you are.

Sharing with medical team

Share information about your routine, symptoms and details of your treatment with the medical team and people who are close to you. They all get the best of technology to improve the treatment.

Medical Algorithm

Thummi has advanced and smart technology to support you even more during your treatment. By using a medical algorithm, it is possible to help you in important moments. For example, if you are having some symptoms, you may report them to the app and Thummi indicates whether you should speak to your doctor or go to an emergency.

Based on studies

The technology was developed by a medical team and developers who are experts on their fields. It is based on international studies.

How we can help you


All your medical appointments using reminders and alarm clocks.


Whenever you have questions about your treatment, you can write them down and speak to your doctor the next time you see them.

My diary

A safe space to write about your day, emotions and symptoms. It provides the medical team with better understanding of your routine.

Medical Algorithm

Smart technology that asks patients more about their symptoms in order to understand the gravity of what they are feeling.

Improve medical appointments

Make your appointments more productive and accurate.


Share your journey and routine with the medical team in a very easy and professional way.

Wherever you go

Have all the information about your treatment in your hands.

And more!

We are always seeking to improve your response to cancer treatment.

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What they say about Thummi

When I got breast cancer diagnosis, Thummi was really important to me. The fear of the unknown haunted me, but when I started using Thummi app, I was no longer afraid. I felt safe. Now I am cured and I have to thank Thummi for making me feel safe.
Sol Dias
I have created my profile, added all information of my treatment and also included questions for my next appointments. Very useful.
Luz da Cris
Very functional and straightforward. I loved it!
Márcia Azevedo

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