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A platform for remote monitoring patients during cancer treatment in order to enhance assertiveness in the treatment. It was founded by oncologists with a large experience in the field.

Monitor your

Report your emotions daily

Give access to the medical team for them to monitor your treatment

Medical algorithm for better monitoring

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How Thummi can help


Mapping patient journey and remote monitoring during cancer treatment (symptoms, appointments) using a medical algorithm.

Clinics, hospitals and doctors

Optimizing and improving medical registration using a medical algorithm.

Health care

Cost reduction for Health Insurance Companies and projects for Pharmaceutical Industry,


It helps in cancer treatment

The app plays an importante role in cancer treatment by monitoring patients' routines using a medical algorithm. Patients have a diary of their symptoms, feelings and emotions. This follow-up makes patients feel safe wherever they are.

It reports patients journey to the medical team

Patients can give access to the medical teams for them to monitor remotely their routines, side effects, appointments, symptoms and more.

It says if the patient should speak to their medical team or go to an emergency

When patients report some symptoms or side effects of the treatment, the medical algorithm responds to it and tells them if they should speak to their medical team or go to an emergency immediately.


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Who we are

We are a team of professionals with different expertises. We are always seeking to transform society and improve people's lives.

Dra. Alessandra Morelle

Experienced Medical Oncologist with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Clinical Research, Medical Education, Oncology and Clinical Trials. Strong healthcare services professional.

Dr. Carlos Barrios

Adjunct Assistant Professor, WJ Harrington Program, University of Miami, School of Medicine. Director, Latin American Cooperative Oncology Group (LACOG) CV: http://lattes.cnpq.br/9597489231199167

Dr. Carlos Eurico Pereira

Doctor, judoka, speaker and entrepreneur. Consulting and mentoring for doctors and clinics - Business innovation - Business Partner of StartSe

Ronaldo Aloise Jr, Eng

Broad experience as C-level executive in the IT and semiconductor industries. He worked for companies like Intel, HP, Dell and HT Micron as Sr VP and COO. Also worked in Software Development Companies like Infor and Datasul as well as Telecom and Fintechs.

Pedro Daltoé

Lead Software Engineer

Harlynson Magalhães

Full Stack Engineer

Viviane Alves


Paulo Alfredo


Acadêmico de medicina

Marlon Quadros

DevOps Engineer

Pitter Da Silva

Head of Operations

Matheus R


Acadêmico de Biomedicina

Lucas Trindade

Software Developer

Simone Bassani

Gerente Comercial

Pedhro Freitas


Acadêmico de medicina

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